Friday, September 27, 2013

The Insanity has Returned ...

It's official, I have gone stark raving insane!  The cosmological implications are ,,,,  !??
[1:37:51 AM] donald.p.hutchins: @11:30pm PDT, California: (please note that any '-' used in this post comes from using the minus key on the numeric key pad)

I had been at my computer typing up physics piece on 'A 3D Field Model, Continuous or Discrete?' that was inspired by another paper, 'The Discrete Field Model ...' by Peter A. Jackson of the UK, et all.  I had just finished my work for the store at 10:PM PDT, I had eaten earlier at 7:PM and had returned to the premises, wherein I got myself squared away, and set to my daily routine tasks of answering E-mail.  I had gotten hungry again and ordered pizza at about 10:30 PM.  It arrived just after 11:PM.  I had sat down to eat at the desk, the one wherein my computer sits.  I had moved things mostly out of the way, and been sitting and eating, when a fly comes and finds me and starts bugging me.  So I close my food container, move the things out of the way that I don't want to hit with the fly swatter.  It's 11:25 PM and I have cleared the desk, turned off the lights so the fly would be attracted to the lit monitor.  Works like a charm.  I swat the fly as it sits on the monitor.  The swatter came down so hard onto my keyboard it popped off a key, the underscore hyphen key.  Well I heard the black square of plastic bounce a couple of times off the desk top and some other cardboard item and then go silent, as I thought it had to have landed on the desk top somewhere.  OK, so no real problem.  Just clean the wooden desk top off, inspect, clean and recheck each and every item, very carefully with my reading glasses, so as to not miss finding the Key, I said to myself out loud, thinking the worst.  Boy, I had not seen so much dust collected in one location since the last fall cleaning.   Such is the desk, that my computer is sitting upon, that is to say, upon the solid oak plywood desk top that is flush installed to the wall so that nothing can fall behind it ... obsessive person that I have become, I know I must have cleaned and gone through everything, recleaning with paper towels and spray cleaner, on this near 30 square foot desk, twice, but to no avail, for I did NOT find the innocent little square bit of plastic with a couple of little lines on it.  And here I am typing on the very same keyboard, without the key, 2+ hours later, and still no black plastic key to be found.  I am now sure I have truly lost it ... again ...again ...again ...again ...only this time, I believe that I, yours truly, some how may have caused it to happen ... again ...again ...again ... yes it seems that I can be a Wormhole Activator via Cranial Kinetic Output, that's right, you heard it here first, from the horse's mouth, I can be, or rather I am, a WACKO!