Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Note To Future Self

Note to Future Self

Currently it is 2014/10/15/12:38 AM PDT I, Donald, am writing this as a note to my future self. 

Donald, as you may remember, or not depending on how old and tottering your when your read this again in the future, or someone in the future, finds this, and runs to get you out of bed, to see if you want to try it, even if it means bringing the current time line to an end, or who knows yet ... 

Anyway, we needed to find a way to determine the difference in age between the date of manufacture or born on date or created on this day, ... and the date of any test being run, to determine the mean amount of time that will have past, thus age of object.  The concept is to be able to prove the concept of 'non-linear time travel via a macro-sized wormhole'.  We both know what we experienced.  The current me, doesn't know how to recreate the conditions needed or materials used, or money required, or whatever, to make it a practical reality to create time travel via macro-sized worm holes, maybe you will someday in the future, and have already sent wormholes which led to my / our experiences - hear we go again, chicken or egg - well, now comes the practical reality of things.  If we want it to be real then we need show proof of concept, something better than paper and ink, to determine age of object more accurately than ever before, like to the month or better.  So here is our challenge, create an object, something that will age at a specific known rate, from date of manufacture / creation / 'born', that can be tested easily by someone in my time frame as to its 'age'.  The objects should look innocuously innocent, so when found they would be kept as a personal treasure handed down to the children and then to their children, but not to be so coveted as to be hoarded, fought over, or killed, from the looks of it on the outside.  The real purposed is the material that will be on the inside or incorporated within the base neutral material which is not so easy to test for age.  The material used should have a moderately long half-life, and sufficient in quantity, with known chemical breakdown products composition rates.  They should then be sent into your past, my present-past, in known locations, considering the objects you used as 'targets' for the wormholes that showed up in that apartment on Appleton Ave, in Long Beach, CA, the first being on the night of the 12th of April 1996, at 10:00 PM.  

The objects should be round like a ball, solid, hard and durable. Each should have a unique symbol, within the interior, that can only be seen with an x-ray of it, and it should be an embedded 3D object, maybe the test object, in a ball of fired glazed clay. Make the glaze from a uranium salt that will turn a gorgeous yellow upon firing, and find a thorium oxide that can be mixed with a clear slip, and mark each ball differently with a geometric design, in a simple progressive sequence that gives the date of manufacture, so that when the ball is heated again later, the thorium will light up brightly, and display the information.

It will be interesting to see if you can do it so I can find one, and get it tested. If you can do it, then let me set a date of arrival of an object of said description, to 2014/10/20/11:30 PM, and my current location here at GoodWoods, Los Alamitos CA, on top of the desk behind my monitor where I am sitting right now typing this note to myself. So If we are REALLY experiencing / producing the phenomenon then this will be a good test of it. Any other balls sent out other than to myself, should be safely randomly chosen 'time duration' period in the past, for calibration of the wormhole initializing technology, you have developed. Remember the desk is 30" above the concrete that is here at this time. In Your time it may be much different. You should still have access to Google Earth Map data, an should be able to get the GPS information of our location at this time period. 

Good Luck Donald of the Future!