Sunday, October 18, 2009

Censored Physics Concepts: October 2009

In the image to the left, a Blackhole / Whitehole function is displayed.  In linear terms, it is a 5D surface on a 6D "manifold" structure.  The surface is composed from 3D space, 1D timeflow, and 1D dynamic masss.  The 3D of space is flatened to a surface in this view of the 4D hyperspace structure.

Timeflow and dynamic mass are perpendicular to normal 3D space, yet parallel to the 4DFR (which serves as the third dimension, yielding the volumetric, over which the "2D" surface is stretched in this image.

The above One Equation generates the image above it.  When R1 = |R2|, or |R1| = R2, i.e. R1 = 1; R2= -1; R1 = |R2| or R1 = -1; R2 = 1; |R1| = R2 , ( a typo occured in a previous post) the Blackhole / Whitehole function is formed.  It can easily be seen from the geometry that density increases as one approaches the Origin Point, as well as Change slowing to a crawl.

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