Monday, October 14, 2013

Perceptions of Reality

The perception of the realities we learned as children, is very different from the perception of the realities that we faced as teenagers, then again as adults, and then again as aging adults. One's views of reality are shaped by religion, mom, dad, teachers, peers, co-workers, neighbors, TV, news, government, media and friends. What is tangible, is the most definitively real experience we get from this world and universe. If it hurts, it is real, that is why corporal punishment brings a sense of reality to those who seem to need to reminded of what reality can be, and to choose their future actions more wisely and with care, unless they wish for more pain, which then is easily applied.

Fiction and fact in today's world, and the lines in between, are getting blurrier and blurrier. That which is real, can grab you by the top of your head, lift you up, give you a shake, put you back down on the ground. If malevolent, a bloody mess. If benevolent, then be healed, and walk with spine aligned. The lines between, the illusion of reality, and the virtual reality of illusion are defined by our perceptions of one's experience.

When what was theory, illusion, unreal, a non-fact, someone else's hypothetical science, small in possibility and non-existent probability, become just the opposite, how does one respond, how would you respond?

Degrees of Freedom, come in two flavors, any good modeling program will demonstrate these to you:  Linear Translational Motion and  Frequency Rotational Motion.  The number of degrees of freedom is determined by how many lines, through the same point, and all be perpendicular to each other.  In our visible world the 'space' in which we live, we get only 3, thus 3D.  In time, we only get one degree of freedom, and only in the same direction, forward, 1T.  Together they form 3D+1T.

The only 'fundamental flat' structure in my proposition is the simple triangle, which just happens to have available to it 4 actual degrees of freedom of motion as I have described above.  It also follows one equation to form all seven of the different geometries.  It is form by Hypervectors.

Hypervectors are multi-'dimensional'.  They are self-forming Hypervectors of 'Extension', 'Change', and 'Push', and it is the differing combinations within each triangle, following the one formula, that creates the dynamic path drawn by the 3rd Point, created at the end of the dynamic Hypervector.  Then one uses the 4 Degrees of Freedom to form contiguous Hypersurfaces into functional shapes by applying the formula.

Every Point is capable of being any, or all, of the seven structures, at any instant, with each point being in equilibrium, this is called a medium.  This is the Quantum Mechanical Zero Point Particle Equilibrium, from which everything is made.  

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