Friday, October 4, 2013

Missing - My Hyphen-Underline Key

The Above is my rendered 3D model of my missing Hyphen-Underline key from my current keyboard that I use to do my work.  The image above shows the key sitting upon a solid oak plywood desk, just like the desktop that the key had bounced twice upon, and then went quiet.   In the image you can see me looking back, waiting for the return of the lost key.  Seeing how as it seems yet once again that my insanity has return, I intend to take a wait and see approach.  After all, the longer the time it takes to come back, the closer it will be in distance when it returns.

It officially left @ 11:30 PM PDT Thursday on  September 26, 2013, and it is currently 7:41 PM PDT October 4, 2013, so a week has gone by, and no key yet.  Presumably, based upon previous observations, it will have the numbers '365', in the measurement.  The 3rd wormhole that took a small plastic nasal spray bottle, just guessing here, took 36.5 months in time to move through a distance of  3.65 in through space.  So we will see what transpires this decade.

Oh if anyone finds my black plastic one one their desk, please make a note of the date, time, and place of it discovery location, and then post it here someplace.  Thanks for you time and effort in this insanity of mine.

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